Dr. Vincent C. Bubolo

CEO of Synergy Medical Centers

Dr. Vincent C. Bubolo

Vincent C. Bubolo

Whether one ascribes to the notion that "the time makes the man or the man makes the time," Dr. Vincent C. Bubolo has risen to the top of his field based on his extensive education, experience, business acumen, and personal characteristics that are a perfect blend for personal and professional success.

The ability to adapt to changing circumstances is the hallmark of successful people, and Vincent exhibits these characteristics in spades. At the heart of this attitude is the knowledge that we are all responsible for the continued development of our minds and bodies. Towards that end, Vincent is always looking for opportunities for personal and professional advancement that aims to contribute to the greater good for the greatest number of people.

His ability to turn metaphorical lemons into lemonade saw its first demonstration at the University of Connecticut School of Business and Liberal Arts. The top ranked New England University had recruited the future chiropractic doctor to play ice hockey in 1993, but a frustrating first season, bedeviled by injuries, cut short his career on the ice. Forced to reassess his academic goals, the sports related injuries he suffered steered him towards a career in the health field.

Unluckily for the professional sport of ice hockey, but lucky for the field of chiropractic medicine however, Vincent abandoned the brutal rivalry of the ice for the fierce competition of the lectern hall and medical school at Life University.

Following graduation, the recently minted doctor left the halls of academia armed with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree (DC), which he parlayed into his first medical practice in Acworth, Georgia, Synergy Medical Chiropractic office.

Opened twenty-four hours before a defining moment in modern American history, on September 10, 2001, the day before the 9/11 attacks, now-Dr. Bubolo resolved to interject on a personal level as much human kindness and humanity as possible in the face of such wanton destruction. These energies were directly channeled into the delivery of superior patient care to a rapidly increasing practice. Indeed, from such a harrowing opening of this first medical office, Dr. Bubolo has provided care to more than 12,000 patients around the nation.

Seventeen years later, the results speak for themselves. Moving past the sole proprietor practice at Synergy Chiropractic, Dr. Bubolo has since established a national practice under the banner of the Synergy Medical Group. Gathering a team of fifty physicians and support staff, Synergy Medical Group is one of the premier medical practices in Northern Georgia.

Dr. Bubolo's favorite axiom is, "I'm smart enough to know I'm not smart enough," and that serves as a powerful spur to encourage a lifelong search for improvement and new information.

Unwilling to rest on his laurels, in the years since graduation, Dr. Bubolo has completed over 220 hours of extended educational credits; he has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars getting him and his team up to speed on the latest state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic equipment. Currently, the doctor holds an array of licensures to include:

  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • State and Nationally Certified Physiotherapy
  • State and Nationally Certified Manipulation and Anesthesia
  • Empire Medical Training
  • Pain Management Protocols
  • Botox, Cosmetics, and Laser Hormone Replacement
  • Medical Weight Loss
  • EMG/NCV Dermal Fillers
  • Anti-aging and Hormone Replacement

Making his home in Acworth, Georgia with his wife Ginger, Dr. Bubolo, Dr. Bubolo is far removed from the ice of the hockey rink, but he continues an active and athletic lifestyle designed to reinforce his belief that physical health is inexorable linked to metal and spiritual health. As a public speaker and physical life coach, Dr. Bubolo is a walking personification of the power of positive thought buttressed by the determination to create positive results.

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